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Master Clocks

Included with each unit is:

  • An FCC approved transceiver
  • High Accuracy Crystal Oscillator
  • Alarm schedule software
  • UPS battery backup
  • RF power meter
  • 5 to 200 Watt Transmitter
  • Outdoor gain antenna
  • BRG Wireless Control Software
  • FT2 - Field Signal Strength tester
  • WTM - Wireless Signal Monitor and Software

Transmitters are available in
5, 25, 100 or 200 Watts

Your BRG Regional Sales Manager will work closely with you to determine the size of transmitter that you will need to cover your desired building or campus.

Site surveys are performed by our sales staff prior to purchase to:

  • Determine the Wattage of transmitter needed to cover your facility or campus
  • Identify problem signal areas on campus
  • Monitor radio frequencies in the area for traffic and conflicting signals
  • Suggest secondary devices that will fit your needs and budget
  • Recommend locations for placing the primary and secondary master transmitters


  • Each master transmitter comes standard with NTP Time synchronization. GPS is available as an option
  • Synchronizes time across your campus
  • Automatically adjust time for DST
  • UPS battery backup
  • 10 year lithium battery backup

Ethernet NTP Master Clock
Digital Master Clock with Ethernet Time Receiver

RSEN - Ethernet (network time format) controlled master clock. This is our standard and most popular configuration. The master clock obtains time from the computer network, which does not require an outdoor antenna to receive time updates.

GPS Time Master Clock
Digital Master Clock with GPS Time Receiver

RSEN - with a GPS option, master clock. The optional GPS receiver must be mounted in a location that has a view of the sky, typically an outdoor antenna. A Cat 5 cable connects the GPS receiver to the clock. GPS time is the only legally traceable time source.

Operating Frequencies

BRG’s Master Transmitters operate on the UHF Business Band Frequencies of 462-464 MHz and Military Band Frequencies of 411-415 MHz UHF. UHF was selected because of it is the optimum band for indoor radio transmission. The UHF signal is ideally suited for this application because of it’s short, two foot wave length, travels easily down elevator shafts, along hallways, through windows and through metal stud walls to give you maximum coverage. This allows the signal to reach most points within a building, facility or campus. The wave length of a lower frequency signal is too long to travel easily throughout a building. This is why WWAV/Atomic Clocks don’t work well in commercial buildings. When using a higher frequency than 464 MHz, the interior walls of your building(s) become opaque to the radio signal, and again signal propagation is reduced.

BRG Precision Products provides a variety of frequency choices for commercial and military applications. We offer fourteen commercial business band and five military band frequencies to avoid any trouble with competing traffic on any one frequency.

FCC License

Because the BRG Synchronized Clock System operates on a shared Commercial UHF FM frequency, the FCC requires that our customers purchase a License for each transmitter in each installed location. This includes any signal repeaters that might be required for total campus coverage.

BRG works closely with you to get the necessary information required. Then we submit the paperwork for you.

US Commercial Frequencies:
464.650 MHz
464.600 MHz
462.400 MHz
462.425 MHz
462.450 MHz
460.400 MHz
462.200 MHz
462.225 MHz
462.250 MHz
462.275 MHz
462.300 MHz
462.325 MHz
462.350 MHz
462.375 MHz

U.S. Government frequencies:
411.7125 MHz - Preferred First
412.4125 MHz
413.3125 MHz - Preferred Second
414.2875 MHz
415.0625 MHz

Canadian Frequencies

Industry Canada will assign a frequency prior to installation of the equipment.

Master Clock Components

WTM - Wireless Signal Monitor

The WTM is designed to connect to the serial port of a Windows based PC. When installed the signal monitor records all transmissions made by the master clock. It takes this information and creates a log. If for some reason, the WTM doesn't receive a signal from the master clock, it will provide you with a visual and audible warning through your PC speakers that there is an issue.

Since our secondary clocks are very accurate, this gives you time to investigate any transmission issues that might be happening with the master clock.

One WTM and the BRG WTM Software is included with each master clock.

GPS Antenna Option

Indoor Installation


Outdoor Installation

High Sensitivity GPS Receiver

GPS receivers receive time packets from orbiting satellites to provide accurate, legal time for your campus.

Features Include:

  • Full navigation accuracy provided by Standard Positioning Service (SPS)
  • Supports high sensitivity for very weak signal acquisition and tracking
  • Integrated powerful CPU, base band and RF front-end hardware in a SOC (System On Chip) design reduces the space and power consumption is state of the art
  • Advanced IC technology reduces overall receiver cost


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