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Synchronized Time Products

Master Clocks

The BRG Wireless Synchronized Clock Systems feature a master clock with a high accuracy OCXO oscillator That is accurate to 1 second over 20 years. It also receives time packets from either NTP Ethernet connection, GPS Satellite, IRIG-B or STMPE time sources. BRG offers systems that vary in power from 5 Watt to 200 Watts,depending on the size of your facility. BRG will assist in finding the solution that fits your needs.


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Analog Secondary Clocks

All secondary clocks feature a five year Lithium battery pack. (Batteries Sold Separately) BRG offers custom dials, wall locks and double sided clocks to fit every need within your facility.

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Digital Secondary Clocks

BRG offers 14 digital clock configurations. Our user changeable Multi-Color LEDS allow you to choose between 1 of 7 colors (red, blue, green, yellow, magenta, cyan or white) LED's and we also offer 2.5', 4.0", 8.0" and 12.0" LED sizes in 4 and 6 digit configurations


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Operational Timers

In the healthcare industry, code blue and simple timers are required in operating and procedure rooms. BRG can supply you with a solution to fit your needs.


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Wireless Accessories

BRG offers several accessories to complement your synchronized clock system, including relays, bells, horns and speakers.

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