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Commercial Facilities

Accurate wireless synchronized clock systems

BRG understands that time is money. Inaccurate clocks can be very costly to the corporate environment. Time related problems include employees arriving late to work, missed meetings, or presentations off schedule. Scheduling problems due to an inaccurate time system can impact the entire company.

The BRG Master Transmitter first obtains accurate time from the U.S. time standard. We have a variety of methods available to obtain accurate time including, GPS (global positioning system) and NTP (Ethernet computer network time protocol) time. The correct time is then transmitted over an FCC approved frequency to all clocks throughout the facility or campus. Both digital and analog clocks are available in a wide variety of styles and models. Battery powered analog clocks are available that operate up to five years between battery changes, and do not require any wiring.

The BRG Wireless Synchronized Clock System will provide a substantial savings compared to older wired clock systems. Accurate time has an ever increasing importance in the corporate world.

In addition to synchronized time, BRG offers a Wireless Emergency Mass Notification System that utilizes the master clock to transmit emergency announcements to wireless speakers and wireless moving message displays. To learn more about our EMN System click here and you will be redirected to the BRG Wireless Web Site.

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